Bend Marriage Retreat

Count On Me – SunRiver Marriage Retreat 2019

Friday Evening Fellowship (As people arrive)

Saturday Theme – Count On Me (Song by Bruno Mars)

9:30-10:30am Class Session #1 – Count On “God Is Our Strength”
“Count On: How We Walk With God” (Kelly & Cheryl Boyd)
Walking together through difficult times, good times, health issues, sharpen and inspire one another to love God! Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
“Count On: Me To Grow Spiritually” (Dave & Judy Weger)
I will do my part….you can count on me. You will do your part…..Count on me! Psalms 101 convictions to build marriage on!
10:35-11:20am Couples Talk (Handout)
11:35-12:30pm Class Session #2 – Count On Each Other
“How To Work Together As A Team” (Overcoming Together)
How To Fight Fairly – Daniel & Stacey Lauterbach
Respect Marriage/Scheduling – Garth & Carri Jensen
This Is Me (Transparency) – Aaron & Tia Adachi
Questions/Comments – Dave Weger
12:30 Break For Lunch & Afternoon Activities
6:00pm Dinner With Couples – As You Choose
10:30 Sunday Morning Service – I Won’t Give Up On You
Songs – Ben & Michael
Welcome – Hacketts
Lesson Sharing – “Have A Little Faith In Me”
-Brady & Erica Rennick “We Each Do Our Part”
-Bruce & Jeanne Hahne “Faith In Our Friendship”
Communion/Prayer – Bruce
Closing Comments – Dave
Closing Song – Ben & Michael